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Crash and Remi Rough Join Forces in "Flow" at Dorian Grey Gallery

The exhibition "Flow" at Dorian Grey Gallery unveiled first-time collaborations between NYC graffiti legend John "Crash" Matos and leading UK street artist Remi Rough. The opening reception last Thursday attracted a lively crowd eager to see the new work and toast the featured artists. Guests included How & Nosm, Lady Aiko, DAZE, and others from the graffiti and street art scene. One didn't have to be in the gallery long to sense this is an eclectic community of creative individuals who look forward to catching up and showing their support.

The presentation consists of a large handful of collaborations along with a few of the artists' individual pieces. The varies styles of each artist comes together seamlessly - there is a steady balance between Crash's smooth, classic style, and Remi's tight, geometric and linear forms.  Any tension or discord is quickly absolved, making "Flow" a very apt title for the show.  Geography made the collaborative process for this project particularly unique.  Crash painted first.  Then the canvases were shipped from NYC to the UK where Remi made his contributions. Finally, the finished works were sent back to NYC for the exhibition.

"Flow" is on view at Dorian Grey Gallery through February 23, 2014.