Ciou Brings Her "Cute and Scary" To Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine's gallery was packed last Saturday with folks eager to see the new exhibition featuring artists Ciou, Malojo, and Dima Drjuchin. Ciou made the journey all the way from her home in Toulouse for the event.

It's difficult to put into words the intricate beauty and detail that fill Ciou's mixed media works. You first may notice the doe-eyed girls accompanied by curious creatures - some with one eye, some with two eyes, while others have three.


Look a little longer and you'll start to make out the mesmerizing tattoo-like designs that adorn the girls' bodies along with the lively, colorful patterns that take the place of animal fur and scaly skin. These inhabitants of Ciou's "cute and scary" worlds are set against a backdrop of vintage texts that she has carefully selected.

Ciou was very excited at the opening and Cotton Candy Machine for a number of reasons. While she has exhibited at Cotton Candy Machine before, this marked her first time actually visiting New York City, and she was looking forward to hitting the museums, meeting other artists, and going to Coney Island.

The exhibition is rounded out with works by Malojo and Dima Drjuchin. Originally from Bayonne, Malojo made the journey with Ciou from Toulouse. Composed of varying shades of white, blue, and red on grayish paper, his captivating drawings look like reliefs that have been carved from stone. His influences range from comics and Walt Disney to Dutch master Hieronymus Bosch. Dima Drjuchin is a Brooklyn based painter and musician. His paintings appropriate familiar imagery such as the pyramid, heart, and wings to create "the new Incarnated Symbols of the Multiverse."

The exhibition is on view through May 4th. Be sure to stop by if you are in the NYC area.