JR Has An "Eye" On the New York City Ballet

Street art and the ballet might seem an unlikely pair. But if you think about it, the ballet has a history of collaborating with the most cutting-edge artists of the time. Picasso, Dali, Warhol, and Haring were the visionaries behind set design and costume in their day. Today, street art is widely considered one of contemporary art's most vital and innovative movements. Picking up on this, The New York City Ballet recruited "photograffeur" JR for the 2nd annual Art Series. Last year, the NYCB collaborated with street art duo FAILE to great success.

Before starting the project, JR had never been to the ballet. To prepare, he learned more about the world of ballet dancer. He was very intrigued by the dancers' dedication and how they devote their entire lives to perfecting the art form.

As he looked deeper into the world of ballet, JR came up with the idea of a eye. His installation maps out a photograph of giant eye on the lobby floor of Lincoln Center. 


Measuring an astounding 6,500 sq. feet, the piece spreads 80 dancers in various expressive poses across its surface. Because the installation is made of vinyl, ballet goers can walk around and absorb the image at close range. 


A completely new perspective is offered when viewing the installation from a few floors above.  Looking down, we take in the work as a whole, sensing all the detail and energy supporting its colossal being.