Bob Dob - Air Head Too

Bob Dob Air Head 2.jpg
Bob Dob Air Head 2.jpg

Bob Dob - Air Head Too


Artist: Bob Dob

Title:  Air Head Too

Title: Balance of Bill

Limited Edition of 250

This product is made in Los Angeles California

The artwork is printed on museum archival paper and incased in a stainless steel frame. The cover has a uv/scratch resistant coating.  A certificate of authenticity and booklet with the artist's bio and insight into all 4 licensed images are included.


Background: Growing up, we all had experiences, some th

Background:   In this painting, Bob Dob presents a character who is clad in a fine-made suit, but his solemn expression, alcohol induced red eyes, nose, and long cindered cigarette suggest he is down on his luck.  His adolescent quality coupled with the facts that he has an air-filled head and looks out of place in the mountainous backdrop furthers the idea that he is lost.  Bob Dob wants the viewer to feel something, whether it is sadness or joy when experiencing his work.

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